Trading and Portfolio Monitoring Manager

Key Duties and Responsibilities

This is a 12 month contract role. This role will report directly to Head of Trading and Portfolio Monitoring (TPM).

The TPM manager will be involved in the following activities:

  • Conduct coding and testing of investment guidelines within Simcorp Dimension
  • Review rules coded to ensure consistency, accuracy and completeness
  • Identify data attributes and calculation methodology
  • Liaise with other stakeholders to obtain necessary information for rule coding
  • Prepare and maintain investment guidelines documentation
  • Provide updates to the project management team

Education Qualification

Degree in Accounting, Finance or Economics

Experience and Skills

  • Minimally 7 years of Investment Compliance experience (including SCD coding experience and knowledge of Regulatory guidelines)
  • Self-starter, meticulous, rigorous and analytical
  • Ability to multi-task and work under tight timeline
  • Experience in coding investment compliance rules
  • Good understanding of financial instruments
  • Knowledge of regulatory environment (Code on CIS, UCITS)


  • Competitive; Reward for performance

Register your interest for the position by writing to with your CV, resume and transcript (for internships only).