Fullerton Outlook 2021: Embracing a different normal – Investment strategies for a changing world (webinar)

Executive summary

The world is evolving towards a ‘different normal’ driven by a sea of change. The coronavirus outbreak has accelerated developments, especially in the adoption of innovation and technology. Global policymakers are pulling out all the stops to drive economies out of recession, and their measures are taking effect. Inflation is subdued and interest rates could be low for a prolonged period.

On 12 January, Fullerton’s experts discussed the trends shaping the global environment, and shared public and private market strategies that can help investors maximise returns.

Watch the video below for a full replay of the webinar.

What’s in store for 2021: A CIO perspective by Patrick Yeo, Fullerton CIO

Panel discussion: Harnessing the power of Asian bonds amid low yields with Ong Guat Cheng, Head of Fixed Income and Isaac Chua, Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income, moderated by Robert St Clair, Strategist

Panel discussion: Identifying the winners of tomorrow – Where are the opportunities for equities? with Ken Goh, Deputy CIO, Head of Equities and Andrew Maule, Head of Equities Research, moderated by Robert St Clair, Strategist

Panel discussion: Seeking alpha in a low rate environment – The case for alternatives with Tan Huck Khim, Head of Alternatives and Eddie Ong, Deputy CIO, Head of Private Investments, moderated by Charmaine Chin, Portfolio Manager, Alternatives