Investment opportunities in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Executive summary

  • With recent developments and advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fullerton subscribes to the view that a major paradigm shift is unfolding. However, with all the hype surrounding AI, and the rapid rise in the share prices of obvious enablers, it is imperative for investors to evaluate sectors that will be best placed to monetise the benefits of AI longer term versus those that may not have the capacity to do so.
  • In this Fullerton Investment Insights paper, we seek to identify players that embody the scale at which AI’s advancement will be pervasive and explore potential investment opportunities radiating to the broader economy.
  • We explain why the tech sector, especially in the US, has been a favourable investment vehicle for many years and shed light on the ‘game-changing’ boost AI can deliver.
  • We also expand on how direct impacts from new technologies, coupled with spillover demand spending, may prove significant and far-reaching across sectors like consumerism, industrialisation, healthcare, and finance.

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