Fullerton Investment Views - Asia and Singapore Outlook

This week, we bring you a video on Asian markets and Singapore outlook.

In this video hosted by Stephen Tan, Fullerton CIO Patrick Yeo discusses the opportunities in Asian equity and bond markets, and the prognosis for Singapore’s economy.

  Fullerton Investment Views - Outlook for Chinese Economy & Markets

What's the outlook for China's economy and which sectors are we likely to see potential investment opportunities?

In this video, Fullerton's Chief Investment Officer Patrick Yeo shares his views on the China bond and equities markets and talks about the factors that could weigh in on recovery.

  Fullerton Investment Views - Interview with Fullerton CIO

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact markets with deep implications for investors. To keep you informed of our insights, we are pleased to share with you Fullerton Investment Views, a video that highlights our global outlook in the current environment. 

In this video, our Chief Investment Officer Patrick Yeo, examines the implications of the global pandemic for investors. He illustrates potential scenarios for the global economy, and highlights asset class strategies and potential investment opportunities.  

  Fullerton Investment Views 2Q 2020 

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be more painful than the global financial crisis (GFC) from 2008-2009, and we will see a global recession.

Key Takeaways

  • In the first scenario, if key countries, especially the US and Europe can contain their COVID-19 epidemics as successfully as China and South Korea have, then combined with the strong policy stimulus already launched, the global recession could be of a shorter duration than the GFC. A ‘V’-shaped recovery could potentially unfold in 3Q 2020 or 4Q 2020.
  • In the alternative scenario, the costs of containing COVID-19 are so great and an adverse spiral unfolds from very high unemployment rates, a sustained collapse in spending, a painful rise in corporate defaults and a credit crunch (especially in the US). These would result in a more prolonged recession, with a ‘U’-shaped rebound happening some time next year.
  • We are monitoring key signposts to determine which recession scenario is unfolding, assessing strategies for when to take more risk, and what assets to buy.
  • Amidst the uncertainty, investors need to continue to protect portfolios from further potential downside risks and wait for appropriate opportunities to dial up risk in their portfolios.

For a more in depth look at the market and risk asset fundamentals, read the full article here