Using Augmented Intelligence to enhance our investment process

In our Insights paper: “Investment opportunities in the age of Artificial Intelligence”, we highlighted how a paradigm shift is unfolding in this space along with the investment opportunities that may ensue following the advances taking shape in this field.

As an extension of that paper, we explain in this short supplement how we are approaching this subject at Fullerton, namely our belief that this field contributes to the investment process by complementing our portfolio mangers’ skillsets. It provides value-added insights with the elimination of behavioural biases from the observations and analysis of large volumes of data sets to indicate potential trends and signals. These are subsequently used by our portfolio managers as additional inputs for consideration in the decision-making process.

That is why our approach to this field is described as “Augmented Intelligence” instead of “Artificial Intelligence” given its role in adding to the wider decision-making process, in place of entirely substituting human discretion.

This supplement goes on to explain a few of the “Augmented Intelligence” tools we are employing at Fullerton to further inform our asset allocation decisions and identify alpha opportunities.